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Fees & Payment

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The Office of Maritime Communications (OMC) manages the marine examination and certificate service for the Australian marine community under a Deed with the Australian Communications and Media Authority - ACMA.

The Deed provides that the OMC must maintain financial viability and also that the OMC must only charge fees for its functions and services on a cost recovery basis. The following schedule shows the current fee structure.

Cheques and money orders should be made payable to the University of Tasmania.

Item (inclusive of GST)Fees
Marine Radio Operators Handbook $40.00
Marine VHF Radio Operators Handbook $15.50
Postage (single Book) $4.00
Postage (multiple book transaction) Estimate Actual Cost
Examination/Application $83.00
Replacement or Verification of Certification $32.00
Unit of Competency $49.00

2017 fees are current until 1 August 2017, at this date AMC commences a new Deed. Calculations of fees relevant to obligations under the new Deed, once approved by the appropriate government authorities, will be published on the web and stakeholders informed.

Order Handbooks Online

To order online and make a payment for OMC Handbooks, please visit: Handbooks payment page (Please note: This link will take you through to the UTAS payment page)

Examinations and Replacements

To make an online payment for examinations or replacement certificates, please visit: Exams and Certificates payment page (Please note: This link will take you through to the UTAS payment page).