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Nic Clarke

The AMC connections last well beyond those years spent studying, that is merely the introduction to a network that will support your growth in the maritime industry throughout your entire career.

Since our inception over 40 years ago, AMC has presented thousands of awards to graduates, who are now actively representing AMC across all levels of industry, nationally and internationally.

It is our intention to keep you informed of major developments moving forward with AMC; gain your industry insights and advice; and encourage your advocacy for promoting the AMC reputation far and wide.

We encourage you to stay connected with us and welcome your collaboration to inspire and grow interest in our beloved maritime industry for the next generation of our workforce.

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We encourage you to connect, share and follow our social media channels and we invite to join our AMC Alumni group on LinkedIn.

You can catch up on the latest AMC news online, or read through our popular Above Board publications from previous years.

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We're always seeking your unique story to inspire others to pursue a career in the maritime sector & we'd love to hear from you.

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See what some of our graduates are up to

Matthew Allan - Subcon
Renae Rundle - Ocean Engineering

Peter Morris Prize

The Peter Morris Prize commemorates the contribution of Hon Peter Morris to the maritime industry.

The prize is awarded to an AMC alumnus who has made a significant contribution to the enhancement of the maritime industry in the area of safety, environmental responsibility or the development of international merchant shipping operations and standards.

You can nominate yourself or a colleague for this prestigious prize online here

Learn more about Hon Peter Frederick Morris here