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New Normal : Future proofing graduate employability

Presented by Dr Marcus Bowles, Director, The Institute for Working Futures Pty Ltd

With the aim to engage students and staff audiences online in a positive and interactive experience, AMC was fortunate to host Dr Marcus Bowles for an industry led webinar session this month. From a broad scope of experience Dr Bowles provided an insight into the maritime sector for our graduates about possibilities that lie ahead, irrespective of COVID-19 and turbulence in the global employment marketplace.

The emphasis of the session addressed topics such as; securing industry experts to provide inspiring insights that cut through the noise and hype, gaining practical insights into how work and careers are changing and why micro-credentials can accelerate employment.  This opportunity provided an open and honest to engage about the real obstacles and challenges facing graduates today with both graduates and academics at AMC identifying what we all must do to meet the demands of the future world of work and the challenges confronting higher education in Australia. Dr Bowles facilitated the exploration and insights to confirm how graduate students can better meet the capabilities employers will value and how they must evidence their employability in the future workforce - particularly in a logistics, maritime and engineering context.

We look forward to supporting more leadership thought sessions with Dr Marcus Bowles in the future at AMC.

Speaker Profile:

Marcus is a consultant, researcher, and educator leading projects supporting business and workforce transformation projects. Marcus is co-founder and chair of The Institute for Working Futures pty ltd, a consultancy company established in 1991 that has successfully delivered consultancies into the future of work and learning; the design of agile organisations, workforce capability frameworks; reinventing higher education and professional education systems; and the creation of dynamic technology solutions.  His research into innovative professional education and authentic assessment models in higher education are backed by honorary professorial appointments at Macquarie University’s Centre for Workforce Futures, and the Tasmanian Institute for Learning and Teaching at University of Tasmania. He is chair or member of a number of national education, government and professional boards in Australia.

His projects include reimagining the future of professions such as engineering, accounting and computing respectively with clients such as Engineers Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and the Australian Computer Society.  His current future capability standards and credential projects include clients such as Westpac, BUPA, ANZ, Woolworths and numerous universities.

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Published on: 18 Sep 2020