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AMC Partners with Re-Engineering Australia Foundation Ltd

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Engaging student interest and promoting Life-Long STEM learning is critical to bringing new entrants and news skills to industries like the marine and maritime sector.

To achieve this goal, the Australian Maritime College, a specialist institute of the University of Tasmania, has formed a strategic partnership with Re-Engineering Australia Foundation to support the immersive SUBS in Schools National Program.The program aims to engage, inspire and educate students, at the earliest ages, around Australia. The partnership will help facilitate collaboration between schools, industry, government and academia as the students become engaged in real-world, in-context activities.

STEM is a methodology designed to integrate the four educational disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics into a learning environment based on real-world applications and real-world problem-solving. STEM is not just about more mathematics and more science but rather a curriculum based on the concept of educating students in an interdisciplinary and applied learning method. STEM education has proven to create more enjoyable learning, catalysing innovation and creating more capable students.

Developing awareness of the opportunities in the growing maritime, defence, marine, offshore, and Australia’s continuous naval shipbuilding program is a strategic focus for AMC and the University of Tasmania. Re-Engineering Australia Foundation, in association with the Australian Department of Defence, and many industry stakeholders like the AMC, have developed the SUBS in Schools program focused on engaging student interest in the technology of submersible vehicles and submarines and is built on the fundamentals of project-based learning.

SUBS in Schools is a high-level STEM project where students have the opportunity to learn about complex Engineering Systems. Four levels (4) of participation exist within the SUBS in Schools program: Mini ROV construction, large ROV design & Construction, 3D-spatial design of submarine environments and submarine design & manufacture. Each level designed to help students to explore science, engineering, materials and manufacturing techniques, with increasing levels of complexity.

A fundamental and critical differentiator of SUBS in Schools is the requirement for students to work directly with industry partners in the context of their projects. The tasks faced by the students within SUBS in Schools are no less complicated than that faced by engineers working on real marine & maritime projects. The opportunity to collaborate with experts, as a means of solving these problems, will help to develop the communication and collaboration skills of the students.

Both parties look forward to working together to grow the SUBS in Schools program across Australia to continue building awareness of the marine & maritime industry opportunities and outlining the study pathways available to students.

Published on: 15 Jun 2020