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AMC Courses endorsed by Naval Shipbuilding College

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Naval Shipbuilding College project manager Bill Docalovich and AMC Principal Michael van Balen AO

AMC Principal encourages Tasmanians to register their interest in a shipbuilding career

The Australian Maritime College has teamed up with the Naval Shipbuilding College to ensure that its graduates are ready to seize future jobs flowing from the Australian Government's $90 billion Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise.

The AMC's courses have been endorsed by the NSC as being aligned with the future employment needs of the naval shipbuilding industry.

A number of other prominent education and training providers across Australia have also been endorsed. 

The NSC was established in 2018 to ensure sufficient skilled labour for the Shipbuilding Enterprise.

AMC Principal Michael van Balen AO said AMC was committed to the partnership with the NSC to provide high quality education and pathways into shipbuilding careers for students. 

"The partnership will ensure that our graduates are well positioned for the large number of job opportunities that are being created as a result of the growth in the shipbuilding industry," he said.  

Mr van Balen said that a workforce comprised of thousands of skilled Australians was critical to the building of Australia's modernised and strengthened Naval fleet and of a sovereign shipbuilding industry. 

"To support the development of this skilled workforce, the Australian Government established the Naval Shipbuilding College and has invited people interested in a career in the shipbuilding industry, to register with them," he said.  

"The Workforce Register enables people from around Australia who are interested in long-term shipbuilding career opportunities to express their interest and receive assistance through the skilling and employment process.

"This may include current University students seeking work experience and graduate program opportunities as part of their pathway to employment.

"To date, Tasmania has supplied only 46 of the 1192 applications to the National Workforce Register.

"So I encourage anyone thinking of a career in the maritime industry to contact the Naval Shipbuilding College and register their interest.

"As a Naval Shipbuilding College preferred provider of education and training, your training and education may very well occur at AMC."

Naval Shipbuilding College program director Bill Docalovich said the unprecedented upgrade of the Royal Australian Navy's fleet was taking a national approach with investment in the future skilled workforce.

"There are opportunities throughout Australia to secure long and rewarding careers in areas of production and sustainment across the Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise and through this course endorsement process we're helping students to graduate job ready," Mr Docalovich said.

"Through collaboration with education and training providers we are strengthening students pathways into rewarding long term sustainable ship building careers in Tasmania and beyond. 

"15,000 skilled and professional jobs will be created through the Enterprise. 

"Shipbuilding, supply and sustainment businesses in Tasmania are delighted to see their highly skilled future workforce taking shape." 

The endorsed AMC courses include: Bachelor of Engineering (Specialisation) with Honours with options in Naval Architecture, Marine and Offshore Engineering and Ocean Engineering.

Bachelor of Engineering (Marine and Offshore Engineering) with Honours .

Master of  Engineering (Maritime Design).

Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management Master of Business Administration (Maritime Logistics Management).

Master of Business Administration (Maritime Logistics Management).

Mr van Balen said people who registered with the Workforce Register would receive, within five days, an email from the Naval Shipbuilding College’s Candidate Engagement Consultants with an invitation to an initial telephone meeting.

During that telephone meeting a candidate's background, experience, qualifications and aspirations would be discussed and information provided about suitable naval shipbuilding careers.

Following that initial meeting an assessment would be carried out and information provided about education and training pathways that could lead to employment.

"While you are undertaking your training, they will keep you informed about developments in the industry and track your progress," he said.

"Once you have completed your training and are job-ready, they will connect you with naval shipbuilding employers.

"This means no matter where candidates are located in Australia, the College provides a connection to endorsed higher education providers, registered training organisations or employers.

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Published on: 26 Jul 2019