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New way to engage with industry experts for learning and teaching under COVID-19

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Australian Maritime College (AMC) is renowned for the annual technical seminars it holds as a key part of its unit learning outcomes. This year, in response to COVID-19 restrictions, organisers were challenged with delivering the same learning benefits but in the digital space alone, to much success.

The college teamed up with industry leaders, including long-term partner TechnipFMC, to offer students the opportunity to attend online lectures hosted by industry experts, which were tailored to the needs of AMC’s specialised ocean engineering units.

Fourth-year maritime engineering students were able to draw on the knowledge and experience of TechnipFMC experts, including the company’s Aberdeen-based Fleet Contracts Manager, Mark Bosson, and hear firsthand his account of the NATO-led military exercise the company participated in during late 2019.

Bosson explained the complex, real-time mission, which took place on board TechnipFMC’s diving support vessel, Deep Explorer, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and which comprised the Croatian Navy’s Corvette War Ship, a Spanish submarine, and maritime aircraft. As a Chief Engineer with over 25 years in global maritime operations and security, Bosson was able to offer students valuable industry insights, access to expert advice, and a glimpse into some of the sector’s more unique career trajectories.

“The resources from industry have been invaluable,” said Andrew Aylward, a fourth-year AMC Ocean Engineering student. “The highlights for me have been from TechnipFMC, the information contained within these videos were extremely interesting and the production quality made them a joy to watch, keeping me engaged throughout. I would love to see more!  This is exactly the industry I would like to re-enter post-graduation.”

AMC and TechnipFMC have partnered together for over ten years to deliver industry expertise to the college’s engineering students. TechnipFMC is a global leader in subsea technologies, with offices in 46 countries, and offers end-to-end solutions to the global energy market.

Technip FMC

Published on: 26 Aug 2020