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AMC simulation facility opens its doors in Sydney

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A new simulation hub at the Australian Maritime College’s Sydney Study Centre will improve maritime safety across Australia by making simulated training accessible to more people.

The Maritime Simulations Unit (MSU) provides remote access from Darling Harbour to the world-class Maritime Simulation Centre at AMC’s Newnham campus.

It will give maritime organisations an immersive, ultra-realistic environment for training and engineering consultancy.

The Sydney MSU gives access to pedagogical expertise and an extensive library of vessel and port models previously only available in Tasmania.

Facilities include Kongsberg and Transas simulation solutions which underpin training in vessel navigation, vessel traffic services (VTS) and Global Maritime Distress and Safety System emergency and distress calls.

A Maritime Bridge Simulator can also support marine and offshore engineering projects such as port development and channel design.

Our new MSU aims to enhance maritime safety across NSW and the rest of Australia – AMC Principal Michael van Balen AO

“Our new MSU aims to enhance maritime safety across NSW and the rest of Australia by extending the reach of the pedagogical expertise and simulation training expertise developed over decades at the AMC in Tasmania to organisations in a convenient Sydney location.” AMC Search CEO Dean Cook said the MSU was ideal for engineering consultancy projects from the convenience of Sydney.

“Organisations working on projects such as port development or operational efficiencies will be able to optimise designs and processes at the earliest stages of a project using the Sydney MSU,” he said.

“Clients can avoid the time and costs associated with travel to a major simulation centre while retaining the benefits of access to AMC’s in-house models and decades of simulation expertise.”

The facilities include:
Maritime Bridge Simulator

  • A Web-enabled simulator delivers ship handling and navigation training;
  • Supports marine and offshore engineering consultancy projects including port development and channel design;
  • Provides remote access to world-class simulated training and modelling software and specialists at the AMC’s Centre for Maritime Simulations.

Vessel Traffic Services Centre of Excellence

  • Supports a highly realistic training environment for VTS operations and management;
  • Based on the latest Transas Navi-harbour Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) solution and including a fullscale, two-position VTS Centre and a visual view of the navigational situation of the VTS area.

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) simulation lab

  • Australia’s only fully functional GMDSS simulator;
  • Can accurately imitate actual ship-to-ship communications and ship-to-shore stations. Utilises highly realistic simulated terrestrial and satellite communication systems.

Published on: 23 Sep 2020