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Internships Ahoy!

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From left: Navantia Australia Lead Engineer General Design Matthew Harman, AMC student Maitland Osborn, AMC student Johnson Joseph, Navantia Australia Lead Engineer Equipment and Outfit Simon Kelly.

Australian Maritime College students undertaking internships at Navantia Australia have lauded the team environment at the shipbuilder

The four Maritime Engineering students, two in Sydney and two in Melbourne,  are being mentored by key Navantia Australia staff.

Students have been working on defence projects.

In the Melbourne office Maitland Osborn said he was part of a team working on a submarine project during his first week.

“Everyone was very welcoming and I felt like I was part of the team,” he said.

“I’ve enjoyed being included in these sub projects that have given me the chance to contribute to Navantia Australia.

“My mentor Matthew Harman has been very good and helpful.

“I feel extremely privileged to have obtained a summer internship with a company like Navantia Australia.”

AMC student ambassador Hadiqa Khan said the internship was ideal because working for defence had been her career plan “all along”.

“Navantia has provided that platform by allowing me to be involved in the Royal Australian Navy’s Guided Missile Destroyer project,” she said.

“Instead of being designated to a particular task, my team has been exposing me to various disciplines of the project, making sure that I acquire as many skills as I can throughout my time here by working with the most experienced and skilful individuals in the company.

“I believe that this stage is the most crucial part of the degree as this is where students take their first step as an engineering professional.

“We are able to implement the knowledge and skills acquired in the first 3 years at AMC and I am delighted that I’ve started my journey as a Naval Architect through Navantia Australia."

She said anxiety she had felt about transitioning from AMC to a renowned shipbuilding company had worn off quickly.

“The warm welcome and the constant support that I have received from my teammates and superiors is beyond my expectations,” Hadiqa said.

Other students on internship with Navantia Australia are Johnson Joseph and Zachary Sutherland.

Published on: 01 Dec 2019