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AMC students enjoy tales from the HMNZS Canterbury

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Lieutenant Dane Christophersen and Nauman Mahmood Khokhar on board the HMNZS Canterbury

AMC Alumnus welcomes AMC students aboard

A group of 20 AMC students had the opportunity to tour a Royal New Zealand Navy vessel when the HMNZS Canterbury visited Hobart recently.

While waiting for clearance for sea trials off the West Coast, the crew enjoyed a few days of rest and relaxation in Hobart. AMC Alumnus and engineering officer on the Canterbury, Lieutenant Commander Dane Christophersen forfeited some valuable shore leave to give AMC Students a tour of the vessel.  

The AMC students were grateful for the opportunity provided to enhance their studies in areas of Maritime Engineering, Design and Logistics, many of whom may now be inspired to pursue careers within Australia’s naval shipbuilding enterprise.  

For Ocean Engineering student, Surendra Velamuri, the tour provided a practical insight into the concepts being learnt in the classroom.

‘The Lieutenant Commander was very knowledgeable about the specific topics that would be of interest to AMC students and also took great care to answer all our questions.’

Kathrin Kiehn, currently studying at the AMC on an exchange program really enjoyed the tour.  

‘Especially interesting was that the navy officer gave us information about the ship from a different perspective than what I have experienced before. He, for example, mentioned the structure of the ship itself and what the Naval Architects might find interesting in that. So, he referred to theory learnt at university and showed us on board where it applied’.

For international student, Nauman Mahmood Khokhar who is currently studying the Master of Engineering (Maritime Design), the tour was very informative but also gave him the opportunity to see the ‘very beautiful’ city of Hobart. 

The ship is expected to return to Auckland early next month.

Published on: 22 Jul 2019