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AMC celebrates 40 years of service

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Forty years ago, the Australian Maritime College officially opened at Beauty Point to provide maritime education and training for Australia’s merchant navy and fishing industry.

The opening was the culmination of two decades of work by people who were convinced that Australia needed a centralised, modern institution to provide such training.

For the first few years AMC was very much a seafarer training college. Most of the students taking diploma courses were cadets from shipping companies. In the tradition of British colleges, cadets were required to wear a uniform, start the day with a flag raising ceremony, and had compulsory sailing on weekends, but this quickly went out of fashion.

The AMC is now a globally-recognised centre for excellence in maritime education, research and consulting, offering a wide variety of maritime courses from vocational training through to bachelor and postgraduate degrees.

Find out more about its rich 40-year history.

Published on: 26 May 2020