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Alumni Profile: Hollye Wooding

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Hollye Wooding

Australian Maritime College 2019 graduate Hollye Wooding is wasting no time putting into practice the skills she learned in her four-year Bachelor of Ocean Engineering (Honours) degree.

The West Australian will return to her home state to work with engineering, construction and services company Subsea 7, along with three other AMC graduates.

“I did an internship with Subsea 7 last summer and really loved it there and they invited me to come back and work for them,” she said.

“It will involve project management of offshore installations such as pipelines, wellheads, the maintenance and fixing of all sorts of things on the sea floor to a depth of 100m and working with divers.

Project management is what I am most interested in: planning it all out, resourcing all the materials and working with a team to come up with solutions.”

She said the experience of working with fellow AMC students on assignments was a good introduction to project management work.

“Pretty much all of our assignments are group work so you learn to work in a team pretty quickly,” she said.

“There was lots of hands-on stuff, a lot of experiments using the Towing Tank and Model Test Basin which gives you a lot of project management, leadership and organising skills.”

Hollye appears to have been destined to come to AMC after doing a four-year marine and maritime studies course during her high school years.

“I had a teacher in high school who was really passionate and he suggested AMC to the whole maritime year group,” she said.

“Looking into it, it seemed like the degree for me seeing as I liked the ocean and I wanted to do engineering anyway.”

Hollye was an influential student on campus, holding the presidency of the Student Association for 2018 and 2019. “I joined the Student Association in my second year and was the events officer organising events at the bar and other recreation activities,” she said.

“In the third year, I became president, which was great, representing the students on all sorts of committees like the learning and teaching committee, occupational health and safety committee and bringing up any issues with course work.

“Anything that the students wanted we sorted out for them. I liked being a part of it and part of the community and developing strong connections with everyone.

“You move here when you are 17 or 18 and you don’t know anyone and everyone’s from interstate so it was a good way to meet people.”

Published on: 28 Sep 2020