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Alumnus relishes role as Naval Shipyard Architect

17 Sep 2020

Australian Maritime College alumnus is the Senior Naval Architect at ASC Shipbuilding and looking forward to his next role in the $90 billion National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise – in particular, the construction of nine Hunter class antisubmarine frigates from 2020.

AMC student Ryan takes a last-minute plunge to success

17 Sep 2020

AMC student Ryan Moreton’s discusses his last-minute decision to study a degree which opens doors to the world.

AMC alumnus took part in the history-making Five Deeps Expedition

16 Sep 2020

AMC alumnus Tim Macdonald has lived life to the fullest of late, demonstrating the opportunities and adventure that an Australian Maritime College degree can unleash.

Australia-Pacific maritime relations honoured with commemorative wall

16 Sep 2020

Australia’s close maritime ties with its Pacific neighbours and its key role supporting training in the region have been marked with the installation of a commemorative wall at the Australian Maritime College.

AMC alumni navigates sea of choices to dream job

16 Sep 2020

Keegan Graham-Parker grew up in a seafaring and fishing family from a small town south of Cairns so believed he was always likely to end up in a maritime-related industry.

Industry 4.0 and implications for the maritime workforce

26 Aug 2020

When plans to build the world’s first fully autonomous container vessel, the MV Yara Birkeand, were first unveiled, opinions varied as to whether the project would give way to an autonomy of things revolution in maritime.